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Do you sell a quieter muffler? My cart is too loud!

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Unfortunately, No!  At this time, we have spent the last few years focusing on perfecting our product offering with our main engineering budget allocated towards reliability, fitment, and cost. Not to fear, For those that need a whisper quiet cart...there is a solution.

Most people understand that when you double the power and displacement of an engine, you will also deal with increased noise, especially in a compact and un-sealed application such as a golf cart.

The mufflers we provide are tuned for the engines that we sell to provide the best performance and reasonable noise for use in outdoor applications.

The biggest issue that we run into is space, there just isn't enough space to put a giant muffler in the engine bay along with the giant engine that you just swapped in.

For that reason, people with lifted carts have a unique opportunity to custom fit a larger car muffler into their cart.

Many folks have reported that using the Walker 18192 car muffler will quiet the engine down to around or below what the factory engine was. In order to install one of these, you'll need to bring the cart to a muffler or exhaust shop and have the muffler welded to your exhaust header. Customers have reported this costs around $100 give or take.

In the next year or so, we do have plans to incorporate these ultra quiet mufflers with our kits, we just aren't there yet.