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Vegas Carts & Performance
5067 W 12th St #1
Jacksonville, FL 32254
904-990-1990 Mon - Fri 10am-6pm (EST)
For sales, tech and shipping inquiries, email us at:

Do you have an Order Shortage?: 
In the rare event that you received your order and it is missing piece(s),
please send an email to our shipping department within 48 hours of
shipment delivery
. We take photos of all outbound shipments and record
all picking & packing procedures. If we missed something, we'll gladly get
it sent out immediately. If we have photo proof of the missing piece(s)
being shipped, the piece(s) will be deemed "lost in transit" and we will file
an insurance claim on your behalf and send out a replacement part!

Do you have Shipping Damage? : 
We do our absolute best to prevent damage in transit, technology such as
expanding foam-in-place minimizes damage considerably, however, it is
impossible to prevent all mishaps (engines falling off the truck, etc). In the
event that you received part of your shipment damaged or missing, please
email us within 48 hours of shipment delivery, as we will need to file an
insurance claim with the carrier. We specifically insure ALL shipments for
10-20% over their actual value to cover you in even the worst of