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Since 2013, Vegas Carts & Performance has been manufacturing Engine Upgrade and Big Block Conversion kits for gasoline-powered EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car golf carts.

We are constantly innovating our product to ensure we are providing the best value products to our customers, period!

Our tech support is second to none and since we actually manufacture our product in house, we can make changes and improvements "on-the-fly". A good example of this occurs 3-4 times a year when a customer with a "specialty model" cart purchases a conversion kit and has fitment issues; within a few days, we will be able to develop a solution, manufacture a specialty component or workaround and send it off to the customer to resolve the problem.

We are always looking to partner with new dealers and other industry professionals in order to grow our brand. If you are interested in selling our products and standing behind our brand, we want to talk to you!


1. You MUST be in the golf cart industry, meaning you sell OR service golf carts / golf cart accessories.

2. Your business MUST have a website

3. Your business MUST be legally registered with the state that you are in.

4. Your business MUST have a Federal Tax ID number.

Dealer Tiers:

  • Dealer 1 - Level 1 dealers are "Online" dealers who do not have a storefront location or way of directly supporting their customers. 


  • Dealer 2 - Level 2 dealers have a storefront OR repair shop and can directly support their customers in person. (These dealers will receive the highest discounts due to their higher overhead and time needed to work with customers in person.)

How to get started?

Please call 904-990-1990 and ask to speak to Geoff or dial extension 10 and leave a message.


Send an email to "" with an introduction.