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625cc Alternative Oil Filters

In the event that you dont want to wait for an oil filter directly from us and would rather pick one up from your local auto parts store, here is a list of part numbers that will also work: WIX...

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We are moving to Jacksonville, Florida!

Starting on June 14th, we will be halting all shipping for two to four weeks during our cross-country move. Any order placed after 6/14 by 12:00am EST, will be shipped from our Jacksonville facility at the beginning of July when...

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What will my top speed be?

Top Speeds from the installation of a big block engine is subject to many variables, its impossible to give a an exact number; such as: 1. Gear Ratio2. Belt Tension3. Clutch Condition4. Tire Pressure5. Road Conditions6. Weight7. Brake Drag8. Carburetor...

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