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Warranty Info

Warranties vary based on the specific product and its level of usage, below is our Standard Warranty (1/90/30):

1-Year Warranty (from delivery date):
Cradles, Engine Plates, Mounts, Hardware, Mufflers, Brackets, Wiring Harness

90-Day Manufacturers Warranty (from delivery date):

*Clutches are covered by their respective manufacturer and have to be authorized before being replaced. We are NOT a clutch manufacturer, just a reseller/dealer.

30-Day Warranty items (from delivery date):
Belts, Tube, Gaskets, Cables, Tachometers


If you are one of the unlucky individuals to have received a product with a manufacturing defect that prevents you from using it, we have a streamlined solution to get you taken care of.

What is a manufacturing defect?
Any abnormality of a product that causes premature failure or prevents it from being used/installed. Some examples would be a bad weld that breaks within an hour of use, flange holes that don't line up, etc.

What is NOT a manufacturing defect?
Any damage or failure caused directly or indirectly from improper installation or negligence. Some examples of what would NOT be covered under our warranty would be burning out an ignition coil due to improper wiring/shorting, seizing an engine due to lack of oil or improper oil, beating on a clutch with a hammer and cracking it, shredding a belt due to misalignment or improper secondary clutch tuning.

What is shipping damage?
Any damage caused during shipping. This is a separate issue and you will need to send pictures to "" so we can get the part replaced immediately. 

How do I process a warranty claim?

If you have no idea what the problem is, email our tech support team at "" and they will walk you through a bunch of steps to diagnose the problem properly and then we can send out a replacement part when we are 100% certain there is a defective part


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