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Dangerous Use Warning / Disclaimer


Our products are designed to assist with the installation of a different engine into your golf cart as a means of replacement and/or power increase. Before you proceed, you need to be aware of the risks and dangers of modifying your golf cart before using our products:

  • Your cart will be more powerful and achieve higher speeds which are beyond the original design limitations of the golf cart. Golf carts do not have braking systems, suspension systems or safety systems that are intended for use with the additional power and speed you will be adding to them. Serious injury or death can happen as a result of re-powering your golf cart.

  • Your golf cart will create more heat which will cause a higher risk of melting plastic components and an increased risk of fire. It is advised to keep a suitable fire extinguisher on-board your cart.

  • There are many variables that affect how the cart will operate such as carburetor tuning, operating rpm of the engine, engine mounting angle, belt tension, throttle cable tension, etc. Serious injury or death can result if any one of these variables (or others) is set improperly or not maintained. For this reason, we recommend you have an automotive professional complete the installation so they can assure that the entire system is running optimally. Choosing to do it yourself is a significant undertaking which involves risk.

  • Do not automatically assume our product is compatible with other manufacturer’s products. If your golf cart is modified in any way, there may be an unforeseeable conflict with our product to which you will have to engineer a workaround for.

If you choose to proceed with the installation of any of our products, you understand the dangers of modifying your golf cart and have chosen to accept the risk & liability involved.

Vegas Carts makes no warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness, with respect to such goods.

Vegas Carts is not liable for any injuries, death or property damage caused by the operation of any motorized vehicle and/or the use of any product from this website.



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