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What will my top speed be?

Top Speeds from the installation of a big block engine is subject to many variables, its impossible to give a an exact number; such as: 1. Gear Ratio2. Belt Tension3. Clutch Condition4. Tire Pressure5. Road Conditions6. Weight7. Brake Drag8. Carburetor...

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Carburetor Tuning 101

Carburetors are a thing of the past for most internal combustion engines these days. Pretty much all late model bikes, cars, even some golf carts come from the factory with EFI (electronic fuel injection). Unfortunately, small engines haven't quite caught...

Carb Carburetor Tuning
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What year and model is my golf cart?

If you need to identify a specific golf carts year and model, we have compiled a few links to other sites below for each brand of cart that will help you identify exactly what you have. Click the Make of your...

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Can I convert a 2 stroke golf cart to 4 stroke?

Another extremely common question we hear is asking if you can convert a 2 stroke golf cart to 4 stroke. The technical answer is always "Yes", with enough time and money you can do anything..just ask Elon Musk. The reality...

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Can I convert an electric golf cart to gas?

One of the most common calls we get is asking if we have a conversion kit to magically turn an electric cart into a gas cart. While the saying "where there's a will, there's a way", is true, you have...

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