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Selecting the Right Belt for Your Golf Cart

When it comes to choosing the right belt for your golf cart, there are a few essential factors to consider. Firstly, please note that the belts offered on our website are specifically selected for our installation kits. If you are not using one of our kits, determining the appropriate length and width of the belt can be a bit challenging. 

For those using our current installation kits (if you have an old kit, contact us before ordering a belt), we have compiled a list of belt sizes for various golf cart models and engine configurations:

EZGO 94+ with Predator 22HP = 47”x1-3/16”
EZGO 94-08 with Vanguard 23HP = 47”x1-3/16”
EZGO 94-08 with Zongshen 23HP = 50”x1-3/16”
EZGO 91-94 with Zongshen 23HP = 47”x1-3/16”
EZGO 91-08 with Predator 13HP = 47”x1-3/16” 
EZGO 91-08 with Predator 15.8HP = 47”x1-3/16”

Club Car 86-96 with Predator 22HP = 45”x15/16”
Club Car 86-96 with Predator 13HP = 42”x15/16”
Club Car 86-96 with Predator 15.8HP = 42”x15/16”
Club Car 86-96 with Zongshen 23HP = 45”x15/16”
Club Car 98-14 with Predator 22HP = 45”x15/16”

Yamaha G2-G29 with Predator 22HP = 45”x1-3/16” 
Yamaha G2/G9/G14 with Predator 13HP/15.8HP = 45”x1-3/16”
Yamaha G2/G9 with Zongshen 23HP = 45”x1-3/16”

For gas-powered 4-stroke EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts not utilizing our kits, there is still a way to determine the appropriate belt length:

  1. Install the engine properly and ensure correct alignment, providing sufficient clearance for adjustment.
  2. Take a thick rope and create a complete loop from the primary clutch to the secondary clutch. Make sure the rope sits inside the primary clutch and outside the secondary clutch, mimicking how the belt would seat on the clutches, like so:
  3. With the rope correctly seated on the clutches, allow for 1 inch of deflection (slack).
  4. Measure the length of the rope with the 1-inch deflection. This measurement will help you identify the belt size you need.
  5. In regards to width, it's simple: if you have an EZGO or Yamaha it's 1-3/16", if you have a Club Car it's 15/16"

If your measurements match any of the sizes we offer, you can consider obtaining the belt from us. However, please remember that our belts are specifically selected for our kits, so there are no guarantees it will be a perfect fit for your custom setup (that’s why you need to leave some adjustment).

If we don’t offer the size belt you need, consider using our installation kits; they’re the best solution for a perfect fit with no hassle.

By following these guidelines, you can confidently select the right belt for your golf cart, ensuring optimal performance and smooth operation.

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