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Hyundai and Cushman Carts Kits

While our current installation kits cater to EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha gas-powered 4-stroke golf carts, it's worth noting that some kits may also be compatible with other brands.

  1. Hyundai Golf Carts: For Hyundai golf carts, certain Yamaha installation kits may offer compatibility. To determine which kit suits your Hyundai cart, refer to this link: If you can't find a suitable match using this link, it means we currently do not offer a kit for your specific model.

  2. Cushman Golf Carts: It's important not to assume that just because a cart is also manufactured by EZGO, our EZGO installation kit will automatically be compatible. Verify that both the engine bay and rear end match those of an EZGO cart, as compatibility may vary depending on the cart's year. If you're unsure, take pictures and send them to for assistance in identifying compatibility.

  3. Understanding Compatibility: While we strive to assist in confirming potential compatibility with carts not initially covered by our kits, please be aware that minor modifications may be necessary. If you're not willing to deal with these adjustments, we recommend refraining from placing an order for the kit.

Our installation kits are primarily designed for specific golf cart brands, but there may be instances of cross-compatibility. Always double-check the details before making a purchase to ensure a seamless installation process.

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