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85mm Analog Tach for Predator/212/420/670/Clone 0-8000 Tachometer

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85mm Analog Tach for Predator/212/420/670/Clone 0-8000 Tachometer

Predator 670 Warning: Harbor Freight uses many different suppliers to make their Predator 670 engines. There is a 50/50 chance that this tach WILL NOT work on your 670 without changing out one of your coils. Read our instructions for details! 

A great addition to any Big Block Kit or Performance Go-Kart where a sweeping analog Tachometer is desired. This Tachometer has been specifically designed for small engines with a magneto ignition such as the GX390 or 420-460cc Clones, our 625s and V-Twins such as the Briggs Vanguard or Predator 670cc. Hooks up to the Kill-Wire on the ignition coil.

RPMs from 0-8000. 

White Backlight

Mounting bracket for steering column and 30" wiring pigtail included.

85mm Diameter (3.33")

On-Board Hour Meter

Adjustable RPM Alarm (backlight turns red and beeps when RPM is reached)

Excellent Alternative to the EQUUS 8068.


Compatibility Notice: We cannot guarantee compatibility with any specific brand of engine since there are too many variants that are constantly changing  in the small engine world. 



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