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2021 Price Increases

Its been a crazy year and a half for everyone and there has been no shortage of ups and downs. 

Since the nationwide reopening of the economy in March/April 2021, there's been a massive surge of consumer goods which has backlogged the worldwide supply chains as demand outpaces supply.

This has led to borderline hyper-inflation where we are seeing steel prices going to over 3x the price of what it was in 2020 . Shipping costs have increased over 25% year to date, and labor costs (which is our biggest expense) have risen as well.

We were hoping to keep prices fixed for the entire year, however....we are no longer able to absorb theses costs and must pass the cost onto the consumer.

Starting August 15, 2021, there will be a 15% increase on cradles, exhausts and brackets. All other goods will see an increase of around 10%.

Thanks for your understanding!

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