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24mm Carb for the GX390 & 420/440/460 Clones

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24mm Bored Carb for the GX390 & 420/440 Clones

***This is an advanced product that requires advanced knowledge of carburetors to setup and tune. It will need to be jetted straight out of the box. If you are not familiar with jetting or small engine tuning, do NOT buy this item!***

These 24mm bored carburetors come with a 3rd Circuit to tune Intermediate range performance and provide your GX390/Clone engine with the extra air & fuel it needs in a Go-Kart application.

  • 24mm Venturi
  • 27mm Throttle Plate
  • Optional 3rd Circuit for Intermediate Range Jetting
  • Gaskets sold separately
  • Uses standard GX390 jets & air bleeds

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