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"Champion" HD Shaft Rockers for GX200 & 212cc 6.5hp Clones

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$29.99 - $29.99
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These are the famous "Champion" HD Shaft Rockers! They are arguably the best bang for your buck when it comes to valvetrain stability.

A Shaft-Rocker eliminates the need for a guideplate and prevents the rocker arms from walking side-side. Furthermore, they have considerably more ridgidity than stud rockers so they rarely need adjustment once set.

1.0:1 Ratio

These are the older "forged" version which are known to be considerably stronger than the newer & cheaper "stamped" version.

Studs & Nuts Included

No need to wait! We have over 1000 sets in-stock!


As with any other aftermarket part, additional modifications may be necessary to fully utilize this component. (Ex: longer pushrods, clearancing of valve cover). Do not assume this is a drop in part or that you don’t have to check for fitment and proper operation. 


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