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Tapered Clutch Shaft Adapter - 1" - Aluminum

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Tapered Clutch Shaft Adapter - 1" - Aluminum

This adapter is designed to put your stock 1:10 tapered clutch onto a 1" straight shaft engine. Works on ANY small engine(single cylinder or v-twin) up to 30 HP with 1" straight crankshaft. This adapter may require excess crankshaft to be cut off and may also require drilling and tapping original bolt hole deeper & to a different size to use your OEM clutch bolt.

A spacer is included to adjust clutch spacing.

Once you cut your crankshaft down, it will need to be replaced if you ever decide to upgrade to an aftermarket clutch such as a Comet 780 or 94C.

Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

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