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Can I convert a 2 stroke golf cart to 4 stroke?

Another extremely common question we hear is asking if you can convert a 2 stroke golf cart to 4 stroke.

The technical answer is always "Yes", with enough time and money you can do anything..just ask Elon Musk.

The reality is that everyone is on a budget and nobody has enough time in the day. 

The main issues with trying to convert a 2 stroke to 4 stroke are:

1. You will lose reverse since the 2 stroke does not have a mechanical reversing mechanism inside the axle. Instead, the 2 stroke starts the engine in the opposite direction when "Reverse" is selected...cant do that with a 4 stroke. 

2. The gear ratios and clutch tuning are WAY off. Put it this way, the 2 stroke engines rev to around 7000rpm and the 4 strokes rev out to 3600 or so..thats HALF! Which means that you are going to be revving the piss out of that poor 4 stroke engine just to go 10mph...which isn't an issue if your only goal is to annoy your neighbors or if you have huge tires.

3. Most 2 stroke bodies are seriously different than their newer 4 stroke versions. There are some exceptions (EZGO Marathon) most cases the people asking this question have Yamaha G1s, which is totally different than the newer G2 and you're going to have to figure out how to mount the huge engine in there and clear both clutches, and find the right size belt, i think you get it...

In conclusion, while it CAN be done, if you want it to be reliable and easy to drive, your best bet is to get a 4 stroke donor cart. We have around 10 shop carts that we purchased with no engine for around $500. They make great test jigs and are a great platform for a big block and restoration project.

Happy Carting!

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