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Can I convert an electric golf cart to gas?

One of the most common calls we get is asking if we have a conversion kit to magically turn an electric cart into a gas cart.

While the saying "where there's a will, there's a way", is true, you have to put a value on your time. 

1. An electric cart has a completely different rear axle than a gas cart and they are nowhere near compatible. The electric motor is directly connected to the axle and there is a single set of internal gears without a mechanical method of switching between Forward & Reverse.

2. You have a battery "box" in the way and it will need to be cut out to consider putting anything in its place. 

3. There is no clutch available to mate to the input shaft of the electric rear axle. While something like this could be made, its not realistic unless you have unlimited time and funds.

For these reasons, the only "clean" way to do this conversion is to obtain a donor cart and swap the 4 stroke axle guts into the electric cart. However, in many cases it just makes sense to sell your running electric cart and put that towards a gas donor cart. We have about 10 carts in our shop that we bought as rolling chassis (bad engine) for around $500.

In conclusion, you are going to spend many hours trying to convert an electric cart to gas and end up with a "chopped up" frankenstein cart with no resale value, that probably wont run save yourself the money/headache and just sell your electric cart and find a gas cart that has a bad engine.

Our kits are top quality and actually INCREASE the value of your cart, food for thought!


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